L.S. Custer | Construction & Landscaping, LLC
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We had a wonderful experience working with Scot Custer.  Scot assisted us in designing and coordinating our project that converted our plain backyard to an amazing outdoor space.  Scot was able to develop a schedule that kept our project moving, while utilizing various different contractors.  On numerous occasions, Scot brought items to our attention as the project was being completed that was an improvement from our original design.  Scot was with us every step of the project, from start to finish. Our entire neighborhood drove by our house very slowly this past summer to see what he created! | Brad & Amber 2016
We 1st were introduced to the Custer Family approximately 45 yrs ago; Scot's father
We value the tremendous amount of time L.S. Custer dedicated to our project. They were actively involved in starting day one of the planning phase until the day it was completed. L.S. Custer left no stone unturned and allowed us to customize our project to our liking. We are truly impressed by their insightfulness and anticipation throughout the project. We now have the backyard of our dreams. | Nick & Holly
The experience we had working with L.S. Custer Construction & Landscaping has been a very positive one. We received the upmost respect and concern from Scot and his team throughout our home repair projects. The workmanship demonstrated efficiency and professionalism. The end product was better than we imagined and the neighbors are still talking about how nice our house looks. | Don & Tammie
We were extremely pleased with the remodeling and renovation work done by L.S. Custer. It is very comforting to know that you can trust a contractor and his workers to complete tasks without being around to oversee them. A lot of creative solutions came about with our collective discussions as the job progressed. Those included rebraceing and strengthening the roof structure to prepare for the addition of the 18 inches of insulation in the attic, the correcting of many electrical cicuits and wiring with all the focus on doing things before the insulation | Jan & Lis
This past summer, we worked with L.S. Custer to get new shingles on the house, new gutters on the house and garage and a new energy efficient inside door and outside storm door in the kitchen. We appreciated his patience and suggestions while working with us to achieve the styles and colors we wanted. Also, we were pleased that he stopped by each day during each of the projects to check the progress, to see if we had any questions or concerns, and to make sure the jobs were progressing as planned. We would recommend L.S. Custer to anyone considering home improvement projects, and we would work with him again. | Kit & Terry